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Greg Afarian

Greg Afarian

Fueled by an interest in Real Estate and the Stock Market, Greg has established a strong foundation for his future by earning a Bachelors Degree in Business Management and Economics. He went on to establish himself as a reputable Mortgage Broker for 14 years and later co-founded DailyHomeowner.com / Zipvo.com and a proven Social Media Expert.

Seeing a tremendous need for powerful social media tools to be implemented into Real Estate has been a driving force to his passion. It has been frustrating over the last few years seeing most Realtors reluctant to adoption of these amazing tools like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Video, and Blogs. That is why they say frustration leads to innovation and that is when Virtual Media Realty was born!

Greg has achieved this goal to give customers this technology that is so well loved and embraced by using these tools to build his online brand! These explosive technology and social media tools separate himself from the “Average Realtor”. Gone are the old traditional ways of marketing your property and the fact is that most Realtors just don’t get it! Thus, Social Media Expert turned Realtor!

However, if you asked Greg if all of these accomplishments are his finest work he’d let you know, that while he couldn’t be where he is today without these achievements, he still aspires to aid people in achieving the “American Dream” of home ownership.

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